Multi-spectral Imaging


We use a multispectral imaging camera as a powerful diagnostic tool to reveal the true physical condition of paintings and other artworks. The camera allows one to ‘see’ and record images in ‘light’ energy regions normally invisible to the human eye.

Let’s take a look at some of our previous work:

“Lady in the Mantilla” by Jose Arpa y Perea; Figure 1  shows a full color image (what the human eye normally sees). Compared to Figure 2. An infra-red image of the portrait reveals areas of missing paint (upper right) plus the ‘ghostly’ figure of another person emerging from the background.  The artist painted directly over another portrait!

This 18th century Italian “Madonna” portrait (probably at one time much larger than today) by an unknown artist. Figure 3, is how the painting appeared before any treatment.

Figure 4, is an image of the portrait taken in the Infra-red (IR) revealing (‘black’ colored areas) previous repairs to the canvas.

Figure 5, is a close up detail of the Madonna portrait taken in the Ultra violet (UV) revealing (dark purple color areas) where the portrait has been “touched-up” in the past.

In this manner we can pinpoint conservation issues ahead of time in order to develop a customized treatment plan for each individual artwork.

Dennis Baltuskonis

Pamela Baltuskonis

(210) 383-4458





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